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NXTSYS Communications
NXTSYS Communications
NXTSYS Communications


The First Co-Selling Master Agency

NXTSYS is the first telecom master agency to successfully co-sell telecom products with MSPs.
By outworking the competition and getting in the trenches with its partners, NXTSYS enables an MSP to become the go-to, single source for its customers’ entire swath of technology needs.
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NXTSYS Communications


Choose Your Optimal NXTSYS Partnership

NXTSYS Communications

Outsourced Agency

We provide you with a team of proven industry veterans to add to your staff – at zero cost to your business. You simply identify what your customer needs, and we'll do all the heavy lifting.
NXTSYS Communications

Co-Selling Agency

We’ll work together to identify what technologies your customer needs – and split the commissions 50/50 with you. You stay engaged with your customers and help shape the solutions we present. Your customer wins, and we both share in the success.
NXTSYS Communications

Traditional Master Agency

You already know the telecom, cloud, and security game. This partnership model gives you access to our wide portfolio of products – with evergreen, top-tier, residual commissions.
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NXTSYS Communications


With Our Experts on Your Team, You Become the Expert

With access to our portfolio of over 150 providers, you’re sure to find the best-fit solutions for your customers.
NXTSYS Consulting is a full-service telecommunications, cloud, and security master agency. You don’t need to be a telecom and security expert when you partner with NXTSYS – we have expertise in all the technologies your customers need, from cloud to security to connectivity and more. 
With three different partnership programs to choose from, we’ll help you sell connectivity, voice, and more in the model that best suits your business.
Our experts will work alongside you to provide your customers with the custom-crafted solutions that fit their specific needs.
NXTSYS partners have access to our portfolio of over 150 providers, ensuring your customers don’t need to look elsewhere for technology.
We’ll negotiate directly with carriers to bring your customers the best products at the best prices.
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NXTSYS Communications


The First Co-Selling Master Agency

NXTSYS Communications partners rest easy knowing our six-step process ensures commissions are accurate and timely.

Detailed Tracking

We track the exact amount each customer pays their carrier and flag anomalies for review.

Proactive Commission Tickets

If any accounts have dropped off or are missing a commission item, we proactively submit tickets to the carrier to find out why.

Transparent Progress

We open commission tickets in our agent portal so that you can see progress on commission reclamation.


For every new account, we confirm the following on the very first commission run:

• Correct carrier-paid %
• Correct % to you, the agent
• Upfront payments were received, in full

Know When You Get Paid

You’ll know when to expect to receive commissions with our RPM calendar.

Quick Response Time

We guarantee a two business-day response time on any commission inquiries from agents.
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