Business has probably looked a little different for you the last few weeks – especially if you used to rely on in-person meetings to close sales. While you’ve likely struck a rhythm working from home, you may still feel like you’re going it alone. Co-selling with NXTSYS means you have a partner that’s ready to work with you to help you succeed. Even before the COVID-19 crisis, nearly all of our co-selling was being done remotely via phone, video, or voice chat. You could say we were already experts at remote selling before the rest of the world was forced to go remote.

We offer advantages to our partners that other master agents can’t:

Three Options for Agents to Work With Us

We offer three different programs to our agents to give you maximum flexibility in deciding how to leverage our expertise.

⓵  Our most popular arrangement is the co-selling model: we work as your true partner, serving as your telecom, cloud, and security “department” to help you ask the right questions and present the right solutions during the sales process.

⓶  For agents who need us to do all the heavy lifting, we can serve as your outsourced agency – tell us your customer’s needs, and we’ll meet with them to find the right solution from our portfolio.

If you just need access to our portfolio of over 140 carriers, we can also serve as a traditional master agency.

Pioneers of the Co-Sell Model

The remote sales process isn’t new to us, and neither is co-selling. Agents that choose to co-sell with us leverage our expert support, while your customers benefit from our knowledge, deep carrier portfolio, and extensive telecom and cloud industry experience.

Relationships With the Carriers You Need

Because we have special relationships with key carriers – AT&T, TPX, Spectrum, SpectrumVoIP, RingCentral, and ACC Business, to name a few – you can offer your customers the solutions they need from the providers they want. We have arrangements with these carriers that often mean greater profits for you.

Co-selling with NXTSYS means that even if you’re practicing social distancing, you’re not alone. You’ll have our support through any sale and any crisis, and can feel confident that you’ll be able to take care of your customers and gain new ones with us on your side. Our experts make you the expert – we’re in this together.

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