You have a crucial task right now: arm your customers with the remote work collaboration solutions they need to smoothly adapt to changes necessitated by COVID-19.

An MSP’s ability to sell telecom products has suddenly shifted from “useful” to “critical” in the current business climate. Many of your customers are transitioning from zero remote workforce to full remote workforce, and the idea of managing a work-from-home environment can be daunting. Your job is to offer them tools that make this transition not only easy, but seamless.

Here are the four key solutions your clients need to facilitate an effective remote work environment:


Employees working from home need the ability to communicate and collaborate above all else. Make sure you know all the features of the UCaaS solutions you’re selling – many of them are more robust than you realize, and will be particularly useful for businesses transitioning to full remote work. With UCaaS, employees have access to all the tools they need, from any device. They can make and receive calls through their work line to maintain professionalism. Audio and video conferencing allows for teams to meet – not just internally, but with clients – virtually face-to-face.


Working from home creates security challenges that are difficult to control if employees are accessing critical systems and data over their home WiFi connections. A virtual private network (VPN) eliminates these security concerns, and companies without previous remote work experience may not already have one in place. Make sure your customers are aware of the VPN option, which allows employees to send and receive data securely across public networks as if they were still connected to a private, on-site network.

Mobile and Endpoint Security

A fully remote workforce means a whole slew of new mobile devices and endpoints to add vulnerability to the network. Some businesses may not be aware of the need for endpoint security, so. as an agent, it’s your job to educate on the encryption, application control, monitoring, and mobile device management services available to keep those work-from-home endpoints secure.

Cloud File Sharing

Cloud file sharing is an essential tool for both security and productivity for remote employees. Files can be stored in the cloud and safely off of the physical devices of employees working from home. Any files that need to be accessed by other members of the team are then easily available through the cloud, eliminating the need for uploading and downloading, thus relieving the network of unnecessary traffic.

NXTSYS is equipped and ready to support agents fulfilling remote work needs. From UCaaS to cloud file sharing and security solutions, our experts are here to co-sell and make it easier for you to quickly deliver solutions to customers who need them right now. With companies managing entire staffs working from home, you have the opportunity to step up as a trusted, go-to advisor.

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