The NXTSYS team is growing, and we’re thrilled to welcome Dell Tipton as our new Channel Manager. We had a chat with Dell about his 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, and learned how he plans to leverage that experience in his role at NXTSYS.

Introducing Dell Tipton

Q: Tell us about your experience prior to joining NXTSYS.

A: I was with AT&T for 20 years. During that time I partnered with solution providers and master agencies to offer an extension of support to our customers – which is how I first came across NXTSYS.

I wore many hats at AT&T. My most recent role there was as a sales manager – I managed 12 acquisition sellers across Texas, with a focus on building rapport and providing customer service for the full AT&T portfolio.

Q: What will comprise your role as a NXTSYS Channel Manager?

A: My role is similar to that of an AT&T direct seller – but with the freedom to build the best solution for my customers across networks. My job will be to meet with the customer and their IT staff, whether in-house or outsourced, to develop an understanding of the situation, take their ideas, learn their IT initiatives, and create the best solution for them – with whatever providers best suit their needs at that time.

Q: Was there any specific factor that made you decide to work at NXTSYS?

A: NXTSYS cares about what’s best for the customer. Working with them as an AT&T partner, they demonstrated the capacity to think outside the box when we encountered an obstacle and always put the best solution forward for the client in the end.

I had partnered with NXTSYS on a deal where I needed a solution for an AT&T customer, but the service my customer needed wasn’t offered by AT&T. NXTSYS was able to reach across party lines, so to speak, to provide a specific type of SD-WAN service. This instance really showed me the power of being able to do what’s best for the customer – regardless of provider.

Something else that stood out to me was at a NXTSYS partner event I attended as an AT&T partner. I appreciated how NXTSYS spoke to IT relationships and specific customer situations. I could see they operate with integrity that sets them up to be successful for years to come. They clearly care about both their customers and their employees. I saw an opportunity to have not just a job, but a career.

Q: Tell us what you’re looking forward to in your new role at NXTSYS.

A: I come with 20 years of industry-specific expertise – but I was only focused on one carrier. I’ve learned more about the telco industry in three months at NXTSYS than I ever thought possible. I’m able to take my thirst for knowledge and apply it across so many different carriers and service providers, allowing me to truly serve my customers’ needs.

After 20 years working for a large company, it’s been refreshing to work for a small business. There’s camaraderie here at NXTSYS – the owners are making an effort to know me on a personal, not just professional, level.

Here to Serve You – and Your Customers

At NXTSYS, customers come first – that’s why we’re thrilled to have a customer-focused Channel Manager like Dell Tipton join our team. Our priority is to find the best fit solutions for every client, and we take pride in our extensive provider portfolio that helps us make that happen. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with NXTSYS.

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