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Why Partner With Us?

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Aligned Communications wants you to leverage our expertise. Your customers will benefit from our knowledge, deep carrier portfolio, and extensive telecom industry experience. Our fully CTP certified team can help you select the right networks and cloud providers for your customers. If you are busy, Aligned will handle the entire sales process on your behalf. Our operational support during provisioning insures precise and timely delivery of services. Contact us using the form below and we will call you about our agency programs.

Bolt A Full Telecom and Cloud Department on to your Company

Outsourced Telecom Agency

Aligned Communications wants you to leverage the expertise of our Outsourced Telecom Agency. We provide you a team of CTP certified, proven industry veterans added to your staff, with ZERO cost to your business. In fact, we pay YOU to become your expert telecommunications team! We will meet with your customer to determine their telecom and cloud needs, source the right solutions from our portfolio of over 90 carriers, quarterback the install process with you, the carrier, and your customer, and provide escalation contacts for service issues after the sale. You simply identify that your customer has a technology need, and we will do all the heavy lifting. Your business could incur the expense to hire telecom and cloud sales experts and a crack operations team, but instead we give you ours and we pay YOU residual commissions for the opportunity to represent you. Ready to add our team to your business? Click here to learn how we can get to work for you today!

A 50/50 Partnership for Success

Co-Selling Telecom & Cloud Agency

You are an expert at your core business and that has made you successful. You also recognize that the world of IT, phone, and cloud is blending at an ever increasing speed. Aligned can be your Telecom and Cloud department, helping to consult alongside you to find the right telecommunication solutions from our network of over 90 different carriers. We will help you ask the right questions of your customers to identify the perfect WAN, hosted phone, high speed data, or cloud solutions to pair with the products that your customer depends on from you. You get to broaden your ability to be a full service technology consultant, and really make your products shine, by bringing in the Aligned Telecom and Cloud team. By working together to identify technology needs, we split the commissions 50/50 with you. You stay engaged with your customers and help shape the solutions we present. By providing a holistic approach to network design, your customer wins, and we both share in the success. Ready to add our team to your business? Click here to learn how we can get to work for you today

Evergreen Residuals.
Rock Solid T&C’s.
Expansive Carrier Portfolio.

Traditional Master Agency

You know the telecom and cloud game. You need access to a wide portfolio of products, with evergreen top tier residual commissions. Aligned has groomed a portfolio of over 90 different carriers for you to work with, in order to design the best solution possible for your customer. Whether you need high speed data or MPLS, hosted phone systems, fiber networks, public or private cloud deployments or specialized software defined networking solutions, we have the solutions your customers need. Using the Masterstream platform, we provide you access to quick quotes, order tracking, and commissions all from a single back office portal. Our Operations team insures that your orders get installed quickly and cleanly, speeding the process to you getting paid. We will also meticulously analyze commissions to ensure that all spiffs and residuals are being paid accurately from the carrier to you. We pride ourselves on our speed, accuracy, and unparalleled agent experience. When you become an Aligned Agent, you join a team of professionals as dedicated to your customers’ experience as you are. Ready to join the Aligned team? Click here to learn how we can work together starting today!

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