Across the country, businesses are beginning the gradual process of reopening in the face of challenges presented by COVID-19. Offices in Texas have begun the transition as of May 18th, when employers were allowed to bring 25% of the office workforce or 10 employees, whichever is greater, back to the office. This has a few implications, including the fact that what had been a fully remote model for many organizations is going to shift yet again.

What does this mean for MSPs selling telecom in the current market? Businesses will be looking for ways to ensure their workforce has the tools they need to successfully navigate change, and will need the ability to run “as usual” no matter the mix of in-office and remote employees. These companies may also be struggling financially and looking for ways to maximize technology to help stretch their dollars. That’s where you, as an MSP, can come in to solve problems with a complete technology package.


Now’s the Time to Develop Long-Standing Relationships

Your customers need supportive, consistent resources now more than ever. MSPs have the opportunity to provide the solutions struggling businesses need to stay on track as the market continually changes. If you haven’t added voice to your portfolio, now’s the time. Selling voice services such as hosted PBX and UCaaS allows you to round out your offerings in a complete technology package. Help your customers communicate with their customers, suppliers, and fellow employees regardless of medium through text, chat, phone, video conference, file, and screen share. Your customers will see you as a go-to for their telecom needs, creating valuable long-term relationships for you and your business. 

Present Yourself as a True, Reliable Partner

To reassure your customers that you’re in it for the long haul to meet their ever-changing needs, it’s important to position yourself as a trusted, expert, and reliable resource. This can be challenging as an MSP when you don’t have the time to become a deep content expert for every communication solution from a growing number of providers. Partnering with a master agent that can fill in gaps in your product portfolio and communication solution knowledge will help you better serve your customers and grow your business. You’ll be able to develop your deep technical knowledge of their current environment and needs.

NXTSYS is here to support MSPs and your customers in the way that makes the most sense for you. Whether you need the support of an outsourced agency, a co-selling partner, or a more traditional master agency, we’re here as your expert partner. With COVID-19 impacting all facets of business, including technology budgets, selling telecom requires a different strategy than it did before. We’re here to help you help your customers.

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