It wasn’t so long ago that AT&T snubbed its nose at the channel. SMB customers didn’t receive much attention, and AT&T didn’t pay residual commissions. So, for agents, selling AT&T was largely off the table. Fast forward to today, and the sales environment has changed: SMBs are a big chunk of the market, 5G has arrived, and AT&T is shifting their strategy. If it wasn’t possible for you to sell AT&T before, it is now!

Before you get too excited, there are a few things you need to know about selling AT&T.

To Sell AT&T, You Need to Work With a (Specific) Master Agent

AT&T historically prioritized their direct sales force. Because of changes in the market and greater motivation to target SMB customers via technology providers and MSP’s, AT&T is pivoting resources into the channel. Agents are faced with a problem, though: AT&T has a reputation for complicated back offices and procedures. As an agent in the channel going it alone, it won’t be as straightforward as you’d like to place orders cleanly or get critical orders escalated.

As one of only ten master agents with a direct Master Solution Provider agreement with AT&T, NXTSYS is in a unique position to help you sell AT&T. With us, you have the ability to co-sell AT&T services to your customers – something other master agents will not do. We’ll sit on sales calls and help you navigate the process from start to finish.

AT&T recently folded ACC Business, a boutique brand of AT&T services, into their portfolio. Our AT&T contract allows us to sell ACC at the highest commission residual rates in the industry. When you co-sell with NXTSYS, you have the power of BOTH of those brands in your toolkit to maximize commissions.

Yes – You Can Sell AT&T 5G

5G is the next level of wireless connectivity. It will allow your customers to connect many more devices at once, at much faster speeds than were previously available. Through our contract with AT&T, we’ll be ready to sell 5G when it’s released to the public. As an NXTSYS partner, that means you get a piece of the AT&T 5G pie, which wouldn’t be feasible on your own.

With NXTSYS as your partner, there’s no need to stress over AT&T’s back office procedures. You can sell AT&T, including 5G, with our full support co-selling alongside you. We bring our existing AT&T experience and contract, and you stay engaged with your customers through the sales process. Ready to sell AT&T? Contact NXTSYS today.

AT&T’s Proven Commitment

Recently, we recognized that the COVID-19 pandemic would affect our March 26 Lunch-and-Learn sponsored by AT&T in Ft. Worth, TX. Instead of canceling the event, AT&T pivoted and made a way for us to hold the event online instead of in-person. To make the event a full, virtual Lunch-and-Learn experience for attendees, AT&T will be providing $25 Uber Eats gift cards to all who attend. Content has also been restructured to share information to help agents understand how they can fulfill technology needs for work-at-home environments. This is just one example of AT&T’s commitment to the channel. Interested in attending this virtual event?
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