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Granite Telecommunications

Granite is a leading voice, data, internet, wireless, video and secure network solutions provider for businesses with multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada.


Fortune 100 Customers Serviced


Serviced Locations


Higher Retention Rate vs Industry Avg.


Advanced Services
Granite Guardian
Granite Mobility offers all 4 major US and multiple Canadian/International Mobile Operators available on one platform along with a full end to end Managed Solution to address the needs of the Mobile Enterprises. Granite provides a complete wireless solutions for primary and/or backup connectivity to enable an always-on Internet for businesses of all sizes. Their no Capex mobility solution combines multi-carrier connectivity, a wide choice of LTE routers, full lifecycle management, staging, kitting, logistics, installation, support, and a powerful cloud-based portal for remote management, monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting.

Six Key Benefits of Granite's Mobile Broadband Plans:

Unlimited Usage- NO OVERGAES

The first major advantage of the MBB (Mobile Broadband) plans is they have unlimited usage. Customers don’t have to worry about fluctuating bills, MBB plans are flat rate. One caveat is the plans deprioritize after a certain amount of usage in a month

Location & Term Flexibility​

Services are not tied to a physical location. So if a customer has a location close, they can move that router to a new site with no ETF’s or penalty. MBB Plans can be sold as 1,2, or 3 Yrs. Month to month is available but discouraged

Day 1 Availability​​

MBB Bundles can be ordered and shipped in 24-48 hours making it an ideal solution for customers who need connectivity fast. In addition, it can be used to turn up a site, then can be moved over to backup

Great for Broadband Rollout Headache sites​​

The MBB plans are more expensive than basic wireline broadband, but MBB is less expensive than DIA or Satellite. It is a great solution for locations that either don’t have broadband available or high construction costs. It’s also great for getting a site turned up while waiting on a circuit.

SD-WAN 2nd Circuit​​

The MBB plans are a great option for the second circuit in SD-WAN. It is less expensive than DIA and offers redundancy if only one wireline provider is available

Work From Home​​

Granite has two offerings specifically designed for work from home. This is perfect for critical employees to remain connected from home. It give the WFH user dedicated bandwidth, security, and the IT team the ability to completely manage it remotely


Emulated POTS

Hosted PBX

SIP Trunking

Contact Center

Granite's Voice Solutions are an all-encompassing VoIP portfolio that provides stable, scalable telephony solutions ranging from emulated POTS, to Hosted PBX to traditional hand-off options like Primary Rate Interface (PRI) or Business SIP Trunking which seamlessly integrate with your existing phone systems.

Whether you have many locations, a large concentration of employees at a central location, or work at home employees, Granite's Voice Solutions enable branch offices, remote workers, and telecommuters to seamlessly work together.

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)

Local Phone Service
Granite has always championed traditional local phone services because of their unmatched reliability and ease of use. Granite's extensive wholesale contracts with incumbent carriers throughout the United States and Canada allow them to offer exceptional pricing, allowing your customers to focus on their bottom line.

Long Distance
Granite’s long distance service provides cost-effective in-state, out-of-state, international, and toll-free calling for businesses of any size and budget. Your customers may be dealing with multiple carriers and receiving multiple bills. Granite's long distance plans will consolidate multiple bills into one.



WiFi & Switching

Telecommunications is on the forefront of exciting new technologies and innovation. Granite is in a unique position; becoming an expert in these cutting-edge services by relying on the talent of our team and the flexibility of our product portfolio. It’s this approach that allows Granite to not only offer these Advanced Services to your Customers, but to have several provider options to ensure we can meet your needs.


Dedicated (DIA)


Companies require reliable and scalable solutions to run their business critical applications. With Granite’s suite of data products, you will have all of the speed, functionality and reliability you need through proven technology. Granite’s strategic partnerships and world class network allow for flexible, customizable and cost-effective solutions. Whether the need is for high speed Internet access, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or a private Internet connection, Granite is your single source provider. We will design, implement and manage your solution from end to end. With Granite, it’s One Source and One Bill for a complete business solution.
Granite Guardian is the new exclusive managed service offerings to enhance your network operations and to dramatically increase your uptime. Through industry leading development and integration we can offer monitored or fully managed network services for all of our customers telecommunication needs. Our customers take comfort in the industry leading MTTR and customer service.
– Access to a Real Time Dashboard for Granalytics
– Analytics at enhanced reporting including Granite Guardian Portal, Rock Reports, CommPortal
– Granite monitors all locations on our via 24/7 state of the art Network Operations Center
– Includes Granite’s Solution Engineering, Project Management / Provisioning and Premier Account Support
– Guaranteed SLA’s
– Reduce or Outsource IT costs
– Help Desk Services

Granite x NXTSYS

Dave Hanron
Brian O'Connor
Chris Chapin
Adam Weiner
Dave Hanron – Sr. National Channel Manager, Granite Telecommunications interview with the Top Gun Show's Steve Farmiloe.
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Brian O'Connor – VP Solutions Engineering, Granite Telecommunications interview with the Top Gun Show's Steve Farmiloe.
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Chris Chapin – SVP Product Development & CIO, Granite Telecommunications interview with the Top Gun Show's Steve Farmiloe. 
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Adam Weiner – VP Engineer & Network Operations, Granite Telecommunications interview with the Top Gun Show's Steve Farmiloe.
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